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Chadwick & Igor are a dynamic and artistically talented duo of hair stylists.
Hair by Chadwick and Igor
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About Us

Chadwick & Igor are a dynamic and artistically talented duo of hair stylists who are renowned up and down the East Coast for their ability to create beautiful hair that is almost magical in the way it brings out their clients’ inner personality.


Each is a virtuoso at his own craft. Chadwick precisely wields scissors as easily as if he were cutting through cashmere, precisely shaping a style as his client’s face beams with delight. Igor instantly pinpoints the exact hue and tone of color that will most flatter a face, transforming his client’s hair into a masterpiece.


Chadwick and Igor have an innate passion for their work that shows in their keen eye as they take into account the client’s demeanor, the nature of the client’s hair and what the client wants to achieve to create an outcome that is compelling and moving. All services are performed in a relaxed and comfortable spa salon atmosphere.


In addition to energizing their clients with exquisite style and color, Chadwick & Igor inspire and motivate others to embark upon their own professional journey in the steadily advancing world of hair. As Ouidad Certified Stylists for Ouidad, the curly hair maven, and Goldwell Technical Artists, the premier color purveyer, Chadwick & Igor are continually learning and remain in the forefront of their profession. They also travel throughout the United States, conducting education sessions, instructing and motivating those new to the craft on the art of bringing hair to life through cut and color.


Together, Chadwick & Igor offer premium quality hair services and tell a story through their art which empowers their clients with confidence.