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Hair by Chadwick and Igor certified Ouidad expert stylists in curly hair and expert hair coloring.
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Hair by Chadwick and Igor 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Chadwick and Igor set the benchmark in creativity! Their artistic talent is amazing. Chadwick cuts and styles hair like no other. He could compete with the best of the best in NYC and of course win. Igor's knowledge and use of color knows no bounds. What he does is simply amazing. They also happen to be the nicest and politest team I've ever met. I've followed them for years. I'm a diehard fan and no one else will every touch my hair, which I wear in an a truly innovative style and have colored every 3 weeks. It's in amazing shape too. I guarantee you'll leave there feeling beautiful and empowered.
Hair by Chadwick and Igor
I never feel more comfortable and confident with a stylist than I do when I sit in Chad's chair. His creative-eye, attention to detail, & thoroughness always leaves me closing my eyes with trust as he snips away. Not only is his work consistently beautiful, he's one of the sweetest souls I know.

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
I have known Chadwick and Igor for over a year now and I have nothing but positive things to say about them both. They are two of the nicest, soft spoken, talented and professional men I know. I was born with curly hair and I haven't always loved it, until about a year ago. Since I could remember, I have always straitened my hair because it was impossible for me to style my curly hair. Before I met Chadwick and Igor, I never knew there was such a thing as a curly hair specialist. There was a point in my life where I was losing a ton of hair due to stress, and when I would try to curl it it was so damaged that it wouldn't. It is very difficult for me to trust someone with my hair, but I trusted Chadwick and he made me feel comfortable enough to let him style my hair. He cut my hair in ways I had never seen before. He walked me through every step of the way and taught me how to style my curls. When he was done, I felt like a new person. I never knew that my curls could look so beautiful. Igor did my color. He took the time to match the color to my skin tone. Taking into consideration what I felt comfortable with. Not only did my hair color look natural, my curls where beautiful!!! I have recommended them to a few of my friends, and they have all been extremely happy with the end results. I truly believe that these two men are the best in the business.

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Igor has always stood out to me for being really passionate about great hair.  He inspires me to continue to innovate and be better today than I was yesterday.  He is all heart.

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
I have been using Chadwick for all my hair cutting/styling needs for several years.  I would follow this incredibly talented stylist anywhere he went.  My hair has never looked so good, so healthy, so stylish.  Not only is Chadwick the best stylist I have ever been to, but he also happens to be the sweetest most charming man.  It certainly is a plus to have someone who is so lovely cutting/styling your hair. He always listens to what I want and never disappoints me.  I would recommend him, and have, to all my family and friends whether they have straight, wavy or curly hair!!!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Chadwick has been my stylist for about 3 years and he is simply Amazing! He takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns, he is friendly and always makes you feel like a queen! Igor is awesome, he's a very highly skilled colorist. Together they are the dynamic duo, love them!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Chadwick and Igor create masterpieces! The experience each time is unforgettable and they really know how to make someone feel you guys!!!!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Great salon. igor Araujo is a maestro with his instruments. And what I like the most is that he really took the time with the consultation to understand what I wanted. and he listening to every thing I had to say!!!!!

Then guess what????....he was able to deliver what I was asking.

I was impress, the salon did everything to fit me in with Igor,  with such a short notice!!! But all work out perfect. He also took the time to show me different ways how to style it my own hair,

I'll definitely be coming back!!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Chad cut my hair and my daughter's hair. What a difference. I have our next appointments booked for the end of December already!Well worth the drive and the money. Should have treated ourselves sooner than we did!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
This was our second visit, they definitely know what they are doing with curly hair. Chadwick is amazing and took the time to teach my daughter how to style her own hair. So glad we found this salon, well worth the drive and money.

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Igor has been doing my hair, now my hair look AMAZING !! He does  my color perfectly and always give me amazing hair cut and great lengths ! My hair grows very fast and looks so healthy !! I definitely recommend Igor for anything ; Brazilian Keratin, Color or Hair Cut.

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
Chadwick has been cutting my hair since I moved to South Florida and finally I have great curly hair - instead of just sort of wavy hair.  My last visit Igor did my color for the first time - and it looks amazing.  Always have a great experience at Chadwick and Igor - just wish they could do my hair everyday!

Hair by Chadwick and Igor
I had my haircut with Chad on 33112 - not a day goes by that I don't get a compliment on my new hairstyle. I had seen other Ouidad certified styliests here in South Florida but never experienced these results. Chad is absolutley the best!! Looking forwad to my next appt.




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