Hair by Chadwick and Igor | Expert hair stylists, colorist and industry leaders Chadwick and Igor
Hair by Chadwick and Igor-- expert hair stylist and colorist and Certified Ouidad Educator & Certified Ouidad Stylist, and Goldwell Technical Artist.
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Chadwick Pendley / Curl Expert
Lead Stylist and Educator

Chadwick Pendley is a recognized expert when it comes to the art of creating beautiful hair. His innate approach to hairstyling is solidly rooted in his precision cutting expertise and rich knowledge of state-of-the art styling skills for all types of hair, from stick straight to uncontrollably curly. He constantly pushes the boundaries of his art.


Highly skilled in the very unique techniques that are special to curly hair, Chadwick initially was trained as a Ouidad Certified Stylist at the Manhattan Ouidad Salon by founder and owner Ouidad herself, who is an internationally recognized stylist and known as the pioneer of the curly hair industry. Chadwick’s superb training in Ouidad’s trademarked cutting and styling techniques have enabled him to become Master Artistic Educator for the Company and travel to salons NYC and LA flagship salons, inspiring, training, educating and certifying other stylists using the Ouidad Certification Process.


“It’s important to me that my clients feel appreciated, understood and good about themselves,” Chadwick says. “I want them to be empowered about the image they project. The look in a client’s eyes when I am finished is what gratifies me and is why I get up every day – to see that sparkle!”



About IgorFor me it was almost instant that I wanted to team up with Igor. I knew he had what it takes to do incredible things. His energy is endless, his ideas are brilliant and his passion is a driving force. We believe by both focusing on our individual strengths we can sharpen, hone and perfect our skills. The ability to have Igor color my shapes is tremendous. We both love to consult with a client, analyze their hair, discuss their lifestyle and then go to work creating something beautiful together. From that point on, Igor and I work together to evolve our creation as our client changes and evolves so the look stays fluid.”


Igor Araujo / Curl Expert
Lead Colorist and Educator

Born in Brazil, Igor Araujo brings the passion, energy and zest for life of that cultural region to his work. Igor gravitated toward hair coloring from an early age and has perfected his craft to such a high level of excellence that he is both a Ouidad Certified Stylist, highly knowledgeable about the sculpture of curly hair, and a Goldwell Technical Artist, for which he travels to Goldwell’s Academies in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore to continually learn more and raise the bar of his coloring skills.


Goldwell is the world’s premier maker of color products for professionals, remaining in the vanguard of new color technology. As a Goldwell Technical Artist, Igor stays in the forefront of state-of-the-art coloring techniques. He then travels across the U.S. to teach other stylists about the many variances and hues of color and how to achieve precise results depending on an individual client’s hair texture, color and shape.


“I want all my clients to know that they are valued and respected,” Igor says, “because without them, I would not be able to practice the artistic craft that I love so much. Bringing hair to life through beautiful color has been my lifelong passion. I am so grateful to pass on to my clients color results that give them the same pleasure they give me.”


About Chadwick: “When we started working together, it became immediately apparent to me that we are the perfect team. He has an amazing dedication and commitment to cutting and styling hair and consistently takes clients’ beauty to a new level. His creativity knows no boundaries. I truly believe there is no one better then Chadwick. As a team, he and I are so in sync about how to create a beautiful look for each and every client that our partnership is virtually symbiotic. I am honored to work with him. Together, Chadwick and I can deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

Sondriel / Curl Expert
Lead Stylist and Educator

With luscious curls of her own, Sondriel is known throughout the beauty industry as a passionate and acclaimed stylist who specializes in textured curly hair. With Ouidad, the world-famous stylist and the pioneer of the curly hair industry being Sondriel’s mother, Sondriel has styling in her genes. Certified first in Ouidad’s trademarked “Carving and Slicing®” technique as Senior Stylist, Sondriel then moved up to Ouidad Trainer and subsequently to Ouidad Educator. Sondriel also is certified in cutting with the award-winning hairdressing brand Arrojo.


Sondriel is a connoisseur at celebrating her clients’ varied curly hair textures through skillful cutting and versatile styling to create a glowing and natural yet sophisticated look that leaves each client proud and confident. “My passion is for my clients to leave my chair educated, in control and loving their curls,” Sondriel says. “Their happiness is why I dedicate myself to the art of curls – it’s my fabric!”


Sondriel is an educator at heart. She has inspired others at the American Beauty Show in Chicago, the Premiere in Orlando, and America’s Beauty show in Las Vegas. Sondriel has been found throughout
salons all across the country empowering other stylists in the art of cutting curly hair. Still today she plays
a key role in the curl movement. She also fashions hair for photo shoots and fashion shows and has styled celebrities for Broadway shows, Emmy awards and New York Fashion Week events.



About Chadwick and Igor…“From the moment I met Chadwick, I knew I wanted to work with him. As we attended and taught classes together, I saw the same passion and dedication in Chadwick as I have in myself. Not long after I met Igor, I could see his vibrant personality and creativity with color. I knew instantly we could work together flawlessly.”


“When Chadwick and Igor asked me to relocate from NYC to work with them, there was no decision. It’s a superb opportunity to work with two masters in their crafts and be surrounded with energy, creativity and passion for what we all love to do. It is wonderful to be in a team with people who are in sync and can naturally collaborate together to achieve the same goal.”

Amanda / Curl Expert

From the Northeast, Amanda Luce is privy to the latest in fashions in hair. Since she herself has fine curly hair, she always took an interest in how to cut and style it. In fact, she loves curly hair since she thinks it’s unique. But she also admits it can be a challenge to work with due to its typically coarse nature.


Amanda took her love of styling hair the next step and became a Ouidad certified stylist in New York City at the Ouidad Flagship salon. There, she learned the latest techniques for making curly hair a desired fashion statement.


“Curly hair made me fall in love with hair styling,” Amanda says. “So many women who have curly hair are intimated by it. But once they learn how to work with it, they see it can be gorgeous. I love helping women feel naturally beautiful. Seeing their faces light up with a smile when their hair looks radiant, shiny and styled after I work with them makes my day!”


About Chadwick and Igor: “Chadwick and Igor have been mentors of mine in the hair industry since the day I met them. Each are premier experts at what they do. Both taught me so much and inspired me to go further. When they asked me to join Ouidad by Chadwick & Igor in Fort Lauderdale, I was truly honored to become part of the gold standard benchmark for coloring, cutting and styling curly hair. They continue to go out of their way to help me be the stylist I am today. I am flourishing in this environment of creativity and feel nothing but happiness at helping to empower women to love their curly hair!”

Caroline / Curl Expert

Caroline has curls and color in her soul. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, with naturally curly hair that also is very fine, she fell in love with color many years ago and even obtained her cosmetology degree while still in high school. Caroline loves color because it gives her the opportunity to expand her creative flair as she customizes color to each client’s hair needs and their personal lifestyle. Caroline worked in Connecticut at the very first salon to become certified by Ouidad. She then earned her certification as an Ouidad stylist at the company’s Flagship Salon in Manhattan, where she was trained by Ouidad’s Assistant Vice President of Creative Education.


Caroline stays current with her certification by continually attending as many color classes as possible; for example, she recently attended an Intense Reds class at the Wella Studio in Manhattan as well as a Goldwell color class in Miami. “I am delighted that natural curls are back in,” Caroline says. “Curly hair is fun because you can do so many variations with it. It can look professional or sexy and glamorous. I am passionate about making curls look their very best by using color to add lustrous dimension and accentuate each curl’s definition.”


About Chadwick and Igor: “I’m a firm believer in creative chemistry and I felt that spark right away with the team at Ouidad Salon-FL by Chadwick and Igor. I think it’s very innovative the way each team member emphasizes education when working with clients so they better understand their hair and learn about its needs and the best tools to use with it. I’m working side-by-side with Igor in the color department to build a seamless bond with each other and our clients to deliver optimal experience and results that are second to none!’’