Hair by Chadwick and Igor | Vision
Hair by Chadwick and Igor certified Ouidad expert stylists in curly hair and expert hair coloring.
Chadwick and Igor, Vision, Values, Mission
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Beauty. We don’t improvise. We create it.

Chadwick & Igor adhere to an inspirational vision and mission and an exacting set of values that puts the client first and continually challenges the artistic team to be the best of the best.


Our Vision

To empower women and men to realize their personal style is their singular elegance.


Our Mission

To inspire our clients to articulate their inner style and beauty with confidence and enthusiasm.


Our Values

  • We will excel at providing our clients with exceptional creativity and premium service.


  • We seek to add new dimensions to the meaning of creative artistry. The process is never ending. As the environment changes, we will change with it. The only constant is our dedication to excellence.


  • The premises that drives us are simple but challenging…to be the most relevant to the broadest range of our client needs…always reaching out to cross new creative frontiers.


  • We exist solely to serve our clients. This focus demands that we remain flexible, organic and dynamic so we can apply our best thinking to each client.


  • Ultimately, to be successful, we must be valued by our clients as true partners, providing superior, elegant and refined service that not only meets but anticipates their needs. We will not, however, allow client satisfaction to lead to complacency. We work to a gold standard of excellence.


  • We recognize that we have no monopoly on clients or salons. In this industry, we view everyone as a winner.


  • We remain restless with what is, searching always for what could be. We will constantly seek out the best talent, the freshest ideas, the broadest concepts, the newest perspectives…in our efforts to enhance our value to our clients.


  • Quality, innovation, appreciation and understanding…sensitivity to our clients and to each other…high energy, high reward…impatience with the status quo…a willingness to take risks…compulsive curiosity. These are the standards we live by.