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Your Stories

“You feel like a million dollars!”

Dr. Diane Brzezinski, DO, FACOI, an internist and owner of TruGlo Medspa in Naples, Florida, travels 220 miles roundtrip every two months to visit Chadwick & Igor to cut and color her extremely curly hair.


“The Ouidad cut makes all the difference when you have very curly hair,” Dr. Diane Brzezinski says.  Ouidad, the New York City-based international pioneer of the curly hair industry and known as “the Queen of Curls,” developed a trademarked cutting technique for curly hair.


“I visited the flagship Ouidad Salon in Manhattan once and then found Chadwick in Fort Lauderdale.”


Chadwick Pendley a Ouidad Artistic Educator responsible for teaching stylists in New York City and Las Angeles, who attend from across the country to learn how to perform the signature cut.


“The cut makes all the difference in the world. I don’t have to do anything to my hair. I just put a little product in it, scrunch it a bit and off I go. That’s important to me because I have such busy days.”


The Chadwick & Igor team both use their artistic techniques on Dr. Brzezinski’s hair, with Chadwick cutting it and Igor Araujo coloring it.


“My normally plain brown hair is now a beautiful, rich caramel color, thanks to Igor’s in-depth color knowledge and vision.”Dr. Brzezinski does not even look around locally in Naples to have her hair done.


“It’s so worth it to travel to Fort Lauderdale. Chadwick and Igor have such creative minds. The combination of Igor’s color and Chadwick’s cut is just incredible! I completely trust them. Plus, they are really good people. I always have a wonderful time being with them in addition to walking out looking and feeling fabulous.”


In fact, Dr. Brzezinski is so steadfast about only having her hair done by Chadwick & Igor that she brought them over to Naples to do her and her bridesmaids’ hair for her wedding in late 2014. That’s a supreme vote of confidence!

“You’ll never be disappointed. I’ll follow them anywhere!”

Dr. Diane Brzezinski, DO PA
Naples, Florida

“They find your inner beauty.”

When Gretchen Goodman moved to from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to South Florida six years ago, she was only worried about two things: who would take care of her dogs when she travelled and who would do her hair.

“Luckily, I met a young girl in my building elevator, I asked her who did her hair and that’s how I ended up meeting Chadwick Pendley,”
Gretchen said.

Gretchen’s confidence level literally soared after her first visit. “I fell in love with him at first sight, not only as a stylist but as a person as well. I went into the salon with short, dull, gray hair and came out looking like a totally new person,” Gretchen continued.

Chadwick uncovers a client’s inner beauty, Gretchen believes. “Chadwick talks with you about who you are, what you like, who your spirit is. I felt an inner connection immediately. We had a lengthy conversation before he even picked up his scissors. And it showed beautifully in the final result.”

Working closely with Igor Araujo, who specializes in color and turned Gretchen’s grey hair into a striking vanilla blonde, the team confer closely about Gretchen’s hair the entire time. “It’s a great partnership and wonderful collaboration of talent that I’ve never seen before.”  


“People love my hair. I am never going to anyone else. Ever.”


Gretchan Goodman
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“A Partnership Made In Heaven”

Athena Pearson is a Ouidad Territory Manager based in Atlanta, Georgia. She first met Chadwick Pendley at a Ouidad training session in New York City in 2013. Ouidad was the very first stylist and salon owner to specialize in curly hair, having struggled with her own curly hair all her life. She has flagship salons in Manhattan, NY, and Santa Monica, CA, has won multiple awards and styles hair for major ad campaigns. Athena and Chadwick study under Ouidad’s tutelage.


“Curls are different. Women all over the country face a real challenge in finding someone who understands the nature of a curl and how to properly cut and style really curly hair,” Athena said.


“I’ve taught new stylists with Chadwick in Ouidad classes all over Florida. Chadwick is passionate about his art of cutting and styling and the students feel his passion. He delivers instructions in a very positive manner, which enable students to take chances and really stretch themselves.”


Athena met Chadwick’s business partner, Igor Araujo, a color specialist, while Igor was teaching a color class. Igor also is a Ouidad Certified Stylist.


“Igor’s energy is enthusiastic and highly contagious,” Athena continued. “Students not only learn from him but also have a great time in his class. He brings energy to the brand.”


Athena feels that together, Chadwick and Igor are an unparalleled duo of extraordinarily creative artists who go the extra mile to help women feel great about their hair and, as a result, feel better about themselves as a whole

“Chadwick & Igor essentially empower women!”


Athena Pearson
Atlanta, GA

They Seduce My Curly Hair!

Retail specialist Aimee Stopper-Born’s hair turned curly when she was 17…and her hair struggle began.


She always went to one salon in Lancaster, PA, where she lived when she grew up. When her mother moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Aimee had moved to Boston, she didn’t know what she was going to do. She used to go home for her haircut.


She was always hesitant to try a new salon for her haircut, no matter how good the recommendation. “A lot of stylists think they know how to cut curly hair. But it only takes one bad snip and your hair is a nightmare,” Aimee said. “I lived in Boston during my early career and went to a ton of salons. I can’t tell you how many times I walked out in tears.”


So she suffered with curly, mousy brown hair that went any which way. The summers with humidity were brutal.


But then her mother called from Fort Lauderdale. Her mother had discovered Chadwick through a friend. “Aimee, you MUST come down here and see him,” she said. So Aimee flew from Ocean City, N.J., where she now lives, to see Chadwick.


After some discussion, Chadwick gave Aimee the Ouidad cut for curly hair.


“That was the first time I walked out of a salon and said to my mother I always, always wanted to look like this. He made my curls look like ringlets. I simply could not believe it. I had never before looked like that in my life. I felt great!”


Then Igor joined Chadwick as colorist. Aimee trusted him right away. I told Igor I wanted to do something different. He brought out the Goldwell color wheel, told her he was going to do a mixture of colors and that it would change her life, especially because she has incredibly blue eyes and the new color scheme would make her eyes really pop. She took a gulp and said okay.


“I walked out of the salon that and looked and felt like a totally different person. I had a great confidence boost, the kind you get when your haircut is great and you have really great color.”


Aimee now flies from Ocean City, N.J., to Fort Lauderdale every eight weeks to get her hair done by Chadwick and Igor.


“They’re two wonderful men, incredibly talented and supportive of one another. It is really nice to be around them.


“Most importantly, when you sit in their chairs, they’re empowering you. I leave there with the feeling that I can do anything!”



Aimee Stopper-Born
Ocean City, New Jersey